In 2018, I completed my doctoral research (Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries, Middlesex University), for which I developed a transdisciplinary model for positive social change. The dissertation discusses the topics of social change, intersectionality, art practice, art research, feminism, activism, socio-political research, economics, and epistemology. My cartoons are illustrations to the thesis.


Cartoon part of my doctoral research ‘Towards a Transdisciplinary Model for Social Change: Feminist Art Research, Practice and Activism’ (2017)

I initiated the first Dutch LGBTI children’s rights report, for which I secured support from COC Netherlands, Defence for Children and the Dutch Ministry for Education, Culture and Science. The report was discussed in the Dutch Parliament and received a written governmental response to each recommendation. Outcomes were new international advocacy opportunities for COC Netherlands (Convention on the Rights of the Child, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights), release of new funding for LGBTI research and the first collaboration between COC Netherlands and intersex activists, who later founded the Netherlands Network Intersex/DSD.


In conversation with the State Secretary and COC chair (2014). Photo: Geert van Tol Fotografie

The report functioned as the starting-point for a workshop (which I co-developed and co-led) at a national UNICEF conference for senior policy officers, NGO representatives and high school students. It is also used by the COC Youth Council, an organisation established after the presentation of the report, providing an LGBTI youth voice on Dutch national policies and legislation.


Workshop at the national conference ‘Kinderrechtentop’ in Leiden (2014) in collaboration with The Genderbread Kit. Photo: Lea Buragiewicz

As director of Transgender Network Netherlands, I facilitated a Human Rights Watch report on the legal position of Dutch transgender people (presented to the State Secretary for Justice and Safety), and national surveys on the well-being of Dutch transgender people conducted by the Netherlands Institute for Social Research and Rutgers WPF.

I have presented my research at academic conferences at the Radboud University (Nijmegen) and the universities of Hamburg, Leiden, Middlesex, Edinburgh, Durham, Brighton, Lancaster and Surrey, as well as at art venues such as Scheltemacomplex (Leiden), VBKÖ (Vienna) and NEST (The Hague).


Presentation at 17th Archaeology and Theory Symposium, Leiden University (2008)

May 2018