Over the past 15 years, I have developed and delivered Equality & Diversity projects in Higher Education, art and advocacy settings. In various roles, I inspired people to be (visibly) themselves, as well as supported them to professionally grow.


In a poster campaign for International Coming Out Day (2012) in Leiden (NL)

At Middlesex University, I co-developed and co-delivered an interdepartmental LGBT politics programme, consisting of workshops, meetings, lectures, exhibitions, off-campus visits, student-led activism, internal and external partnerships. The project created a non-hierarchical, inclusive learning environment. Participating students and staff reported they were able to be themselves and learned invaluable, new approaches to art and politics.


One of the six workshops on Art & Design and LGBT politics (2016), Middlesex University. Photo: Kerri Jefferis

As director of Transgender Network, I secured funding for and led national projects on health, work & employability and anti-discrimination. I developed and implemented a new LGBTI children’s rights perspective as project manager of COC Netherlands. In these roles, I established partnerships with Dutch government ministries, the Police, welfare charities, research institutes, rights NGOs, businesses and workers’ unions.


Participating in a national conference on children’s rights in Caribbean Netherlands (2013), organised by UNICEF and Leiden University. Photo: NOS

I organised three editions of an annual public engagement event at COC Leiden, a regional LGBT centre with 150 volunteers, reaching audiences of 5000+ by facilitating art exhibitions, live performances and artist talks.


Live graffiti at a COC art exhibition (2013), Leiden

I led the development of an art project for the European Feminist Forum, co-organising workshops, meetings and presentations together with Francesco Ventrella, Carla Cruz and Nina Höchtl. The events took place in Rome, Porto, Vienna, Leeds and Leiden.


Workshop at 1:1 projects (Rome) for the European Feminist Forum. Photo: Carla Cruz

I developed and organised the ‘trans / gender’ conference and magazine in partnership with artist Nina Höchtl and the Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam University for Applied Sciences). The launch of the publication took place at the Netherlands Photo Museum.


Publication (ed. Nina Höchtl & myself) (2003). Graphic design: Manuela Porceddu

June 2017