I received my BA Fine Art degree in 2001 from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. In 2004, I received a Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art (Hons) from the Piet Zwart Institute/ Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, and an MA Fine Art degree from Plymouth University. In 2018, I completed my doctoral research on the use of transdisciplinarity for social change in the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries at Middlesex University. In the past, I have been awarded a one year’s full-cost artist’s stipend from The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture (the Mondriaan Fund) and was shortlisted for several prizes.


Part of my MA Fine Art degree work, exhibited in Kaus Australis (2004, Rotterdam). Photo: Maurice Bogaert

Over the years, I have exhibited in many museums, galleries and artist-run spaces, including the Museum of Modern Art (Arnhem), Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal (Leiden), LUMC Gallery (Leiden) and Tent. (Rotterdam). I co-organised exhibition projects at Kaus Australis (Rotterdam), Theater Zeebelt (The Hague), 1646 (The Hague) and PêSSEGOSpráSEMANA (Porto) in collaboration with artist colleagues. My experiences led to the development of critical thinking on matters of social inequality and exploitation in the arts, which became topic of my doctoral research in 2014.


My work exhibited in the LUMC Gallery in Leiden (2012)

I published short stories, cartoons and articles in magazines, art publications and on online platforms. Examples include Between Discipline and a Hard Place: The Value of Contemporary Art (A. Jelinek, 2020), The Art of Feminism (ed. H. Reckitt, 2019), Feminism and Art History Now: Radical Critiques of Theory and Practice (ed. V. Horne and L. Perry, 2017), Looking, Encountering, Staging (ed. A. Bangma, 2004), Belief (ed. K. Leenaars), Trikster Nordic Queer Journal (ed. M. Danbolt) and Trivia: Voices of Feminism (ed. P. Friedrich).